The Best Renters Insurance in San Diego, California | The Simple Dollar

The Best Renters Insurance in San Diego, California | The Simple Dollar

From pandemic fears to wildfires, there has been no shortage of things to worry about recently. You can check one worry off your list by getting renters insurance in San Diego for your rental property. It can provide a significant amount of financial relief if your belongings are damaged or stolen. You even get liability protection if someone gets hurt while visiting. We used the SimpleScore to evaluate the best companies in San Diego for renters insurance. Keep reading to find out which ones made our list.

America’s top-rated renters insurance

  • Policies starting at just $5/month
  • Sign up in seconds, claims paid in minutes
  • Zero hassle, zero paperwork

The best renters insurance in San Diego 

Most add-ons – State Farm

A higher deductible may not sound like an actual discount, but it can help lower your State Farm premium — especially if you choose a number of add-ons to your policy coverage.


4.2 / 5.0

SimpleScore State Farm 4.2

With State Farm, you’ll find all kinds of supplemental coverage for your San Diego apartment, including extra liability for both personal and business-related incidents that occur at your rental. Available discounts are fairly limited, but you can save on your premium by opting for a higher deductible. That means you’ll be responsible for more if you file a claim. But you have plenty of options for adding coverage where you need it.

Best for military members – USAA

Active and retired military members in San Diego get robust renters insurance coverage.

San Diego military members get a lot out of USAA renters insurance policies. Earthquake coverage is a standard, making it a smart choice for Californians. Flood insurance is also included. You’ll have discounts automatically applied if you carry multiple insurance policies with USAA and if you have a claims-free history.  If you meet the membership requirements, it may be worth getting a renters insurance quote from USAA.

Best local renters insurance – Wawanesa Insurance

Wawanesa protects San Diego renters in relevant scenarios, including earthquakes and business protection. Nearly 600 online reviews reveal Wawanesa as a top pick for San Diego natives. 


3.5 / 5.0

SimpleScore Wawanesa Insurance 3.5

Customer Satisfaction N/A

Whether you’re at home in San Diego or traveling, your personal possessions are covered with Wawanesa Insurance. Plus, this local carrier offers coverage for damage caused by earthquakes, which is not typically covered by national insurers. You can also add on business pursuits protection so you can get reimbursed for damage to business-related property. This is a major perk when more people are working from home. You’ll also qualify for a discount if you live in a gated community or a building with 24-hour security.

Best for customization – Farmers

Pick and choose coverage based on your home’s need; Farmers lets you customize your coverage so you pay for exactly what you need.

Farmers renters insurance comes with all the basics, including personal possessions, liability and additional living expenses. But you can also up your policy with things like extra reimbursement for expensive items like your jewelry and electronics. Another helpful add-on is Identity Shield, which helps you navigate the restoration process if someone steals your identity and falsely charges up your accounts. Farmers also makes it easy to qualify for discounts in San Diego by simply adding fire alarms and being smoke-free for at least two years.

Best for discounts – Progressive

Progressive’s renters insurance policy may seem basic, but it’s easy to cut costs with their discount program.


4.2 / 5.0

SimpleScore Progressive 4.2

Progressive doesn’t cover earthquakes and flooding like other insurance companies in San Diego, but its policy still comes with some perks. Like most carriers, you’ll get a discount for having multiple policies. But you’ll also be rewarded by planning ahead. Open your renters insurance policy at least three days before it goes into effect and get a discount. You’ll also save by paying your annual premium in full upfront, rather than making monthly payments.

America’s top-rated renters insurance

  • Policies starting at just $5/month
  • Sign up in seconds, claims paid in minutes
  • Zero hassle, zero paperwork

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How much does renters insurance cost in San Diego?

Renters insurance is very affordable, considering the amount of coverage and protection you get. The average policy in California is $182 a year, which is just $2 more than the national average of $180. That means you can get a policy for about $15 per month. Even with a high annual cost of living in San Diego, renters insurance won’t break your budget. 

Your actual rate is determined based on a number of variables. Most policies don’t include earthquake coverage, for example. But with San Diego’s Rose Canyon fault recently deemed active, it may be smart to add an earthquake rider to your policy. Other details like your neighborhood, credit score and size of your deductible influence the cost of renters insurance in San Diego.

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Choosing your provider 

Both local and national carriers have unique characteristics to consider when choosing the best companies in San Diego for renters insurance. You may get more hands-on service with a local carrier, while a national brand may have a better app to help you find the information you need.

Local carrier 


  • Understand local conditions for add-on policies.
  • More responsive.


  • May not invest in technology as much.

National carrier 


  • Better technology for quotes and claims.
  • Competitive on price.


  • May not understand your local market.

Things to know about renters insurance in San Diego

It’s a good idea to start evaluating insurance companies by looking at their financial ratings. You want to make sure the company is stable enough to payout on your eligible claims. Also look at customer reviews to see how easy and fast the claims process is.

Because the annual cost of living in San Diego is higher than in other areas, pay attention to your coverage limits. Make sure the value of your covered possessions actually matches the amount you’ll need to replace them. Also look at any limits on additional living expenses (ALE). In case you do need to leave your rental while it’s being repaired, make sure your ALE coverage will pay for your hotel and meals in full, even in a more expensive market.

San Diego minimum insurance requirements 

Renters insurance isn’t legally required, but San Diego landlords will likely require it as part of your lease agreement. Either way, renters insurance is a smart investment that doesn’t cost a lot. You’ll be reimbursed for damaged property in a number of circumstances, even in the event of theft. In fact, your belongings are also covered in your vehicle. Additionally, liability insurance covers you in case someone gets injured while at your rental, even if it’s not your fault.

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San Diego insurance FAQs

Yes, a landlord can include renters insurance as a requirement in your lease agreement. You can also decline and find another apartment, but you don’t have the right to negotiate the removal of renters insurance if a landlord wants you to have it.

In most cases, renters insurance excludes damage caused by earthquakes, flooding, sinkholes and pests.

The average cost of a renters insurance policy is around $180 per year. You may pay more for additional coverage for things like earthquakes or higher value items.

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