When will I get my $600 stimulus check and my soon-to-be ex says half of my mom’s financial gift to me belongs to him

What could rattle markets in 2021, even as vaccines are rolling out

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My brother-in-law smokes weed, drinks booze and plays video games. My in-laws pay his mortgage. What happens after they’re gone?

‘Neither I nor my wife want him to be homeless, but I worry that I will be responsible for taking care of my brother-in-law.’

I received two $1,200 stimulus payments last summer. Will I get two $600 checks this time too?

The Moneyist: ‘Don’t you mean round three and four? I wouldn’t spend that second check quite yet.’

Millions of Americans are in ‘survival mode’ — beware, decisions made in this frame of mind can make or break you

‘Unfortunately, our ability to see the big picture is severely limited when we’re in fight-or-flight mode.’

Financially fragile Americans during COVID-19 have difficulty answering these 15 money questions — can you?

A new survey asked who could cover unexpected expenses during the pandemic’s early days.

My mother gave me a substantial financial gift. I gave it back. My soon-to-be ex-husband says half belongs to him

‘My husband persuaded me to add his name to the account with the money from my mother.’

‘I’m lucky to get by on $75,000 a year’: The $600 stimulus program doesn’t sound reasonable to me. Why am I left out?

‘Be grateful that you have a home and family to go home to tonight.’

My grandfather gave me $150K in shares and $20K to buy a car, but my family interferes in my life. Should I give it back?

‘In my family, you don’t move out of state, not show up to get-togethers, or send gifts back unless you’re trying to send a message. This is a decision I do not take lightly.’

Here’s a timeline of Tarek El Moussa’s homes, from his first to where he lives today

Tarek El Moussa is known for his impressive home renovations on his HGTV shows “Flip or Flop” and “Flipping 101 With Tarek El Moussa.” But what are his own homes like?

When will I get my $600 stimulus check?

One thing to keep in mind: Friday is a federal holiday.

When will Americans receive the extra $300 in unemployment benefits?

President Trump signed a $900 billion coronavirus relief bill on Sunday night.

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The COVID second wave is now deadlier in France than the first, and it’s spreading fast across Europe

Medical experts advising the U.K. government are asking for stricter rules to prevent ‘a catastrophe.’

How California can stop the Big Tech stampede from Silicon Valley

Will California’s state and local governments reduce burdensome taxes, regulations, and other barriers to stop the outbound stampede?

McConnell suggests he’ll tie bigger stimulus checks to Internet, voting issues

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested Tuesday he won’t bring up the issue of bigger checks for American households for a vote unless it is also accompanied by action on legal protections for technology giants and a look into voting irregularities, potentially dooming quick passage of the additional aid.

Fed to keep expiring Main Street lending program open until Jan. 8

The Federal Reserve on Tuesday said it would extend the termination date of its “Main Street” lending program to Jan. 8 to give the central bank more time to process a flurry of loan requests at the end of the year.

Donald Trump puts an end to Barack Obama’s record 12-year streak as America’s ‘most admired’ man

Donald Trump may not have won the Nobel Peace Prize, as one of his recent tweets suggests, and, contrary to the conspiracy theorists, he may have lost the election, but the president can find solace in the fact that, according to a new Gallup poll, he’s “the most admired man” in America.

4 crucial trends involving China that investors risk getting wrong

Some political and economic shifts have been overlooked, but others are more hype than real.

These are the 20 worst-performing S&P 500 stocks of 2020 — analysts see double-digit rebounds for 6 of them in 2021

The action is concentrated in one sector.

Hedge funds had their best month since 2009. They’re still not keeping up with the stock market

Hedge funds saw their best month since 2009, but they’re still being trounced by broader market benchmarks.

Look past this Santa Claus rally and see how January’s stock market return could affect all of 2021

Odds favor investors — no matter how U.S. stocks perform in a given month.

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