Tweet Buster: What should FOMO-hit Robinhoods do in a bull market? Plus, Radhika Gupta’s gyan on boring things

Tweet Buster: What should FOMO-hit Robinhoods do in a bull market? Plus, Radhika Gupta's gyan on boring things

NEW DELHI: In the longest winning streak in the last 20 months, domestic equity indices Sensex and Nifty logged weekly gains for the seventh straight week and ended at record highs in each of the last six sessions. Ignoring calls of an overstretched market by both technical and fundamental analysts, the bulls continued to party on Dalal Street on the back of excess liquidity, a weak dollar and positive global cues.

As the rally keeps on making new highs every week, FOMO is also increasing among retail investors as no one wants to ‘miss the bus’.

In this edition of Tweet Buster, we scan investing gems from market mavens, who generously shared tips and strategies on how to navigate a bull market and keep your cash register ringing.

Mrs Bectors IPO
Amid all the hoopla around IPOs in a raging bull market, iThought co-founder Shyam Sekhar has given out bearish calls on Mrs Bectors. “I am of the view that Mrs Bector is a much lesser story than Burger King. The risks are far higher in that IPO than in the burger company IPO.”

Do boring things!
Radhika Gupta, CEO of Edelweiss Mutual Fund, has a timeless piece of advice for retail investors: “Most of us want above-average return with limited shocks in life. Few of us will accept that doing the boring things in money (will) achieve this.”

Time for SWPs
Independent market expert Sandip Sabharwal advises mutual fund investors to start SWP (systematic withdrawal plans).

To a query, he further advised an investor to do SWP now and then in a few months use this money and additional inflows for bigger SIPs.

Bhav Bhagwan Che!
Sabharwal says return prospects at obnoxious valuations are sometimes below FD rates. “Good companies are good at a price, not every price. However it’s tough for many retail investors to do, I agree,” he said.

Timing the markets
By giving a few examples, Sabharwal explains how timing the markets is as important as spending time in the markets. “There is no concept of ‘Missed the Train or Bus’. Markets always give opportunities. Buy when you are most fearful, sell when others are fearless. Don’t be bothered about short-term underperformance or ‘missing out’,” he said.

Too many stocks spoil the portfolio
Value investor Arun Mukherjee says just 1-2 solid stock ideas are more than enough for a year, if we bet big and average up those winning ideas. “With time, most things would fall in place,” he said.

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