Stock-market pros are having a tough time imagining an S&P 500 slump in 2021

What could rattle markets in 2021, even as vaccines are rolling out


Strategists aren’t eager to balk at the notion that the bull market in stocks is getting exhausted and are offering expectations for solid year-end gains and in some cases, projecting eye-popping rallies for the market in the coming 12 months. See full story.

Videogames are a bigger industry than movies and North American sports combined, thanks to the pandemic

Not only have videogames grown to resemble competition-based, interactive movies, but COVID-19-related lockdowns have propelled the industry to make more money than both movies and North American sports. See full story.

I want to retire in Texas and near freshwater on $4,000 a month — where should I go?

Here are three suggestions that fit the bill. See full story.

Financially fragile Americans during COVID-19 have difficulty answering these 15 money questions — can you?

A new survey asked who could cover unexpected expenses during the pandemic’s early days. See full story.

Our building is tipping staff 25% extra due to COVID-19. My husband wants to maintain this in 2021. I disagree. What should we do?

‘I am an Upper East Side wife and mother with two children. I realize I am very fortunate.’ See full story.


There are more than 300 million active users on Twitter. Want to know the best people to follow for expertise on investing, retirement, electric vehicles, personal finance and more? Read on. See full story.

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