‘Santa Claus’ rally, anyone? Why few 7-session stretches are better for the stock market

What could rattle markets in 2021, even as vaccines are rolling out


Equities have performed exceedingly well during a seasonal period that includes the year’s last five trading days and the first two sessions of the new year, in what’s come to be known as the “Santa Claus” rally. See full story.

Here’s what we know so far about the new strain of COVID-19

A new strain of COVID-19 identified by researchers in the United Kingdom has set off concern about the possibility of a more infectious variant of the coronavirus moving into the U.S. at a time when cases are at all-time highs. See full story.

A ‘long-term top’ is taking shape in the market, and these stocks could bear the brunt, investor warns

In 2000, while it was all about the likes of Qualcomm QCOM, Intel INTC, an assortment of dot-com stocks were doomed. Two decades later, and the players may have changed, but the stock-market story rings familiar, according to Luke Palmer of the popular Bear Traps Report blog. See full story.

We want to retire somewhere in North Carolina or South Carolina on $3,400 a month in Social Security — where should we go?

Not near the ocean, please. See full story.

Trump could veto the coronavirus aid bill. Here’s what’s next.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday night suggested he might not sign the roughly $900 billion coronavirus relief bill, calling it a “disgrace” and demanding a boost in payments to households. What comes next? See full story.


Five things to do now if your child will start college in 2023. See full story.

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