Long & Short of Markets: Underdogs to watch in Rally 4.0 & other top reads

Long & Short of Markets: Underdogs to watch in Rally 4.0 & other top reads

NEW DELHI: How do you find a new stock? Scan Twitter, watch business TV channels and YouTube videos or read newspapers, online articles and lengthy company reports, listen to podcasts, seek advice from friends or hire the services of an expert? Well, you can instead just look around at what people around you are consuming. Motilal Oswal’s 25th Wealth Creation Study reveals two-thirds of wealth creators are consumer businesses, which also turned out to be the most predictable winners. Read this and more in this weekend’s edition of ‘Long & Short of Markets’.

Value bet or value trap?
Industry biggies are seeing value opportunities in the PSU pack, which has been a laggard in this growth stock-led rally. With just one-third of Nifty’s valuation, BSE PSU Index looks attractive but you can’t paint everything with the same brush.

Dark horses of Rally 4.0
Since the March dip, the stock market has seen three phases in the bull run, pulled by different sectors each time. The tide seems to be now changing in favour of underdogs. Read here for more outlook on the 4th phase of this bull run.

Consumer stocks: King of consistency
The most predictable theme to play in the long run is consumer stocks as it is the most consistent, says Dalal Street veteran Raamdeo Agrawal. Since consumer behaviour does not differ much region wise, it’s the most predictable and consistent and markets always adore consistent. Here is more on the 25 years study conducted by this veteran.

‘Twisted’ play to keep yield softer
RBI is playing every trick up its sleeves to keep yields range-bound. From rejecting bids to selling 10-year bonds, to announcing the classic operation twist for the next week, the apex bank is hell bent on keeping yields softer to keep borrowing costs in check. Here’s more.

Fading greenback: Win-win for all?
Who benefits from a weaker dollar? US exporters, equity investors, borrowers in dollars. You want to know how? Read here for more.

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