How did Jhujhunwala, Kacholia, Vijay Kedia & others fare in 2020

How did Jhujhunwala, Kacholia, Vijay Kedia & others fare in 2020

NEW DELHI: Most seasoned investors saw their portfolio values swell in the Covid year. Against a 15 per cent rise in the Sensex for the year, ace investor Ashish Kacholia’s portfolio value surged 75 per cent, Ashish Dhawan’s climbed 65 per cent, and Vijay Kedia’s 31 per cent.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, often referred to as the Big Bull of Dalal Street, saw his portfolio value rise 23 per cent for the year. Dolly Khanna’s portfolio value grew 12 per cent, but Anil Kumar Goel’s portfolio saw a 28 per cent dip, data compiled from publicly available Trendlyne database showed.

Kacholia emerged the biggest gainer among the aforementioned investors. His equity portfolio was valued at Rs 1,015 crore as of December 31, 2020, compared with Rs 583 crore on December 31, 2019, up 74 per cent.

He had 23 stocks in his portfolio as of September 30. Many of Kacholia’s portfolio stocks doubled in 2020. They included Marksans Pharma (268 per cent), Birlasoft (257 per cent), HLE Glasscoat (238 per cent), Astec Lifesciences (208 per cent) and Vaibhav Global 200 per cent). Among these, Birlasoft and Vaibhav Global are Kacholia’s two biggest holdings. Astec Lifesciences and Marksons are two stocks he bought in the September quarter.

Ashish Dhawan’s equity portfolio value climbed 65 per cent to Rs 1,741 crore from Rs 1,055 crore. Dhawan held 16 stocks as of September 30, 2020. Birlasoft is his largest holding too. He bought into Max Healthcare and Max Financial during the year. IDFC, Glenmark, Equitas Holdings and Greenlam Industries were Dhawan’s top holdings with investments in excess of Rs 100 crore. Glenmark gained 44 per cent for the year, Max Financial 27 per cent. IDFC fell 4 per cent while Greenlam lost 13 per cent.

Vijay Kedia’s portfolio value rose to Rs 449 crore from Rs 343 crore a year ago, up 31 per cent. Vaibhav Global, Tejas Networks, Sudarshan Chemicals and Cera Sanitaryware are some of the biggest bets in his portfolio.

Vaibhav Global, as mentioned above, rose 200 per cent for 2020. Tejas climbed 55 per cent, Sudarshan 16 per cent and Cera 28 per cent.

Jhunjhunwala’s portfolio value rose 23 per cent to hit a record high of Rs 15,844 crore against Rs 12,865 crore a year ago. The Big Bull’s biggest holding Titan jumped 30 per cent in 2020. Jhunjhunwala held Rs 7,600 crore worth of shares in Titan as of last available data. Escorts (up 98 per cent ), Jubilant Life Sciences (up 60 per cent) Crisil (up 6.5 per cent) Lupin (up 28 per cent) and Rallis India (up 68 per cent) were his other top holdings that ended higher for the year.

Anil Kumar Goel saw his equity portfolio value drop to Rs 568 crore from Rs 795 crore. KRBL, Dhampur Sugar, Triveni Engineering and Dalmia Bharat Sugar were among his key holdings. KRBL ended the year down 12 per cent while Dhampur Sugar lost 26 per cent. Triveni rose just 4 per cent and Dalmia Sugar a handsome 46 per cent.

Meanwhile, Dolly Khanna’s portfolio value stood at Rs 449 crore at the end of the year rising from Rs 343 crore. Her portfolio had only four stocks at the end of September quarter.

It goes without saying that the rise/fall in portfolio value could be the result of both marked-to-market gains/loss and fresh buying/selling in stocks.

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