Here are 5 post-pandemic moves investors should make now, says Wells Fargo

What could rattle markets in 2021, even as vaccines are rolling out


Our call of the day offers a few road maps to guide your investments out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Five things to do now. See full story.

Obamacare health insurance just got much cheaper for early retirees

The “subsidy cliff” for the Affordable Care Act’s premiums disappears — temporarily — under the newest COVID relief law. See full story.

AstraZeneca may have included ‘outdated information’ in COVID-19 vaccine trial, U.S. health agency says

AstraZeneca may have provided an “incomplete view of efficacy data” in trial results, NIAID said. See full story.

It’s a ‘question of time’ before another virus jumps from animal to human, says co-inventor of flu treatment Tamiflu. Preventative therapies are needed.

Nobert Bischofberger helped discover Tamiflu, a well-known antiviral flu treatment. Here’s why he thinks the U.S. hasn’t put enough emphasis on preventative COVID-19 therapies. See full story.

GameStop earnings countdown: But what’s the fun in fundamentals, ask Reddit traders on the rocket-emoji launchpad

The online army devoted to buying shares in GameStop has made it clear that they “like the stock,” and not even the company’s first earnings results since its Reddit-fueled rally will change that opinion. See full story.


The war against ageism will create career opportunities and a better work-life balance. See full story.

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