He began buying Tesla at just $7.50, and now he’s retiring at 39 years old with $12-million worth — he still refuses to sell a single share

What could rattle markets in 2021, even as vaccines are rolling out


While just about every financial planner out there continues to espouse the “diversify” mantra, particularly as the bear market pushes deeper into uncharted territory, Jason DeBolt, a former Googler and current Amazon employee, has taken a decidedly different approach. See full story.

Bitcoin sees bear-market skid — living up to its reputation for seismic price swings

Bitcoin prices enter bear-market territory over the weekend, defined usually as a decline from a recent peak of at least 20%. However, for the so-called hodl-ers, or those investors who form the base of the bitcoin investment community that maintain their stakes in the asset through thick and thin, this recent slump for the distributed-ledger backed asset is par for the course. See full story.

How much money was President Trump’s Twitter account worth?

Shares in the social-media company fell 6% Monday. ‘Most advertisers won’t touch anything Trump related,’ one analyst said. See full story.

No more Marriott money for Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley or any Senate Republican who voted against certifying Joe Biden’s election

Money talks, and at Marriott International, it’s speaking loudly against those who voted against certifying President-elect Joe Biden. See full story.

Already spent your $600 stimulus check? Another one may soon be on its way

‘We need more direct relief flowing to families, small businesses, including finishing the job of getting people the $2,000 in relief direct payment,’ President-elect Joe Biden said on Friday. See full story.


The perks were designed ‘to keep people inside the Disney bubble,’ one travel expert said. See full story.

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