Furious TurboTax and H&R Block customers are waiting for their $600 stimulus check — and demanding to know why they’re delayed

What could rattle markets in 2021, even as vaccines are rolling out


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Here’s how bitcoin could soon be worth $146,000 according to JPMorgan

JPMorgan researchers point to outflows from gold-pegged exchange traded funds, or ETFs, and inflows into a digital-currency focused trusts sponsored by Grayscale, for example, as part of the evidence pointing to increased use of bitcoin as a gold-like asset, which would help to drive its price further into the stratosphere. See full story.

No, Trump won’t be golfing in Scotland on Inauguration Day, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says

Pandemic travel ban applies to President Trump as much as anybody else, Scotland’s head of government says See full story.

Betting markets and polls give edge to Democrats in Georgia’s crucial Senate runoff elections

As Georgians vote Tuesday in two U.S. Senate runoff elections that will determine the balance of power in Washington, betting markets and polls are signaling some confidence in the Democratic Party’s prospects. See full story.

Investors are waiting for ‘cash on the sidelines’ to juice the stock market — this is why that idea is hogwash

Lance Roberts explains why money won’t soon pour into the stock market from bank and money market accounts. See full story.


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