ETMarkets’ Investors’ Guide: Will Sebi’s new spoofing rule protect retail traders? | The Economic Times Podcast

ETMarkets' Investors' Guide: Will Sebi's new spoofing rule protect retail traders? | The Economic Times Podcast

Hello, you have tuned into ETMarkets Investors’ Guide, a show about asset classes, investment ideas and market trends. I am Nikhil Agarwal.

In the last few days, market regulator Sebi has announced a series of enhanced measures relating to share delisting, listing of startups and certain disclosure norms. One of the most important changes that will impact retail traders most is the one related to checks on spoofing. To misguide other market participants, spoofers use algo trading to place bulk orders, but cancel them at the last moment in what is called spoofing in market parlance.

In today’s special podcast with independent market expert Rajiv Nagpal, we try and understand the new anti-spoofing rule and how it can impact you.

Welcome to the show Mr Nagpal.

1) Can you explain what does spoofing mean in the stock market? And why is it considered manipulative?

2) Are penny stocks more vulnerable to such manipulation or does it affect largecaps too?

3) So what will change under the new Sebi rule?

4) How will it make life easier for retail traders?

Thank you Mr Nagpal. That’s all in today’s special podcast but keep checking this space for more such interesting content. Good bye!

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