ETMarkets Investor’s Guide: S Naren on how to ride the economic revival | The Economic Times Markets Podcast

ETMarkets Investor's Guide: S Naren on how to ride the economic revival | The Economic Times Markets Podcast

Calendar 2020 was a year of rollercoaster ride for Dalal Street, with many sharp plunges and rapid climbs that lifted the benchmarks to new record highs. Thankfully, most investors made money! And like all adversity, this year too taught us some hard lessons in the marketplace. As we hopefully look into the New Year to lift the cloud of the pandemic from above our head, the market place is looking riskier, the path ahead for the economies looks more challenging, and options for wealth creation more difficult.

So we did what we do best at every crossroads: turn to the veterans and experienced for wisdom and guidance. We begin by talking to one of Dalal Street’s most seasoned money managers, S Naren, who has navigated many bull and bear markets in his investing journey this far, and who is always super-resilient in times good or bad. Asset allocation, diversification & balanced investing are the kinds of expressions one tends to associate with him.

So, let’s hear out the best strategies to ride the projected economic revival in the year ahead.

A) Market veterans are all great believers in the concept called reversion to mean. Will 2021 be the year of mean reversion, and if it does happen, how is it going to play out for different sectors?

B) The economy is said to be turning the corner and you have just come out with an innovative play on that — what is called the business cycle fund. It’s probably the first or second of its kind in the industry. How does it work and at this point which sectors typically could this fund be targeting?

C) Lastly, tell us how do you visualise things to pan out in 2021 and if you were to draw a investment plan quarter wise, how will it look like?

Thank you Mr Naren, that was indeed an insightful conversation. That’s it in our New Year special podcast. You can check out our regular podcasts on the equity market twice every week day.

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