A new COVID-19 strain is sending stocks plunging, but here’s why investors shouldn’t panic, says this analyst

What could rattle markets in 2021, even as vaccines are rolling out


A new $900 billion coronavirus stimulus deal has finally been struck — but U.S. stocks look set to tumble at the open. See full story.

With coronavirus aid deal made, both parties claim victories ahead of Monday’s votes

Republican and Democratic leaders Sunday touted policy victories for their sides after announcing a deal had been reached Sunday, hoping to ensure they have enough votes Monday on the last big thing Congress will do before heading home for the year. See full story.

Mitt Romney: President Trump’s push to overturn the election is ‘really sad’ and ’embarrassing’

Utah Republican Mitt Romney told CNN on Sunday Trump should be celebrating his accomplishments instead of pushing to overturn the election. See full story.

What could rattle markets in 2021, even as vaccines are rolling out

As a brutal year draws to a close, Wall Street is optimistic about 2021 as the first round of COVID-19 inoculations take place, even though plenty still could go awry. See full story.

European countries and Canada ban travel from U.K. amid highly infectious COVID-19 strain

Chaotic travel scenes in the U.K. and some bans on the continent against travelers from the nation were creating a pre-Christmas nightmare. See full story.


‘If you’re not paying for something, you are going to pay for it in a way you can’t see,’ says one consumer advocate. See full story.

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