The Sketchbook of Wisdom: Buy Now – Safal Niveshak

The Sketchbook of Wisdom: Buy Now - Safal Niveshak

I have been working on a hand-crafted, illustrated book for the past few months.

This is my first book as an author and one I wish I could have read earlier in life. But since no one wrote it, I did. 🙂

The book is now available for pre-order (deliveries begin in February 2021), and it is titled The Sketchbook of Wisdom: A Hand-Written Manual on the Pursuit of Wealth and Good Life.

Packed with 50 timeless ideas from Lord Krishna to Charlie Munger, Socrates to Warren Buffett, Lao Tzu to Nassim Taleb, Swami Vivekanand to Steve Jobs, and Sant Kabir to Naval Ravikant – as it applies to our lives today, The Sketchbook of Wisdom is a manual on virtue, happiness, and the pursuit of wealth and good life.

Click here to read more about the book and order your copy now.

Look forward.

With respect,

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